Sustainable power through solar energy

Environmental protection and sustainability are close to our hearts, which is why a conscious use of resources and a focus on alternative power generation are central components of our corporate philosophy. It goes without saying that our cold storage and packaging facilities require energy to operate efficiently and safely. We have found a green solution for this: In 2020, we commissioned our own photovoltaic system, which we use to supply our infrastructure with electricity from solar energy in a sustainable manner. As we never stand still when it comes to environmental protection and are always working on the further development of our sustainability concept, the expansion of our photovoltaic system from 200 kWp to 310 kWp took place in 2022.

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Reduced coal mining
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avoided CO²

Heat from renewable raw materials

Wood chips from domestic wood

SavingCO2 and heating as climate-friendly as possible - that is our goal. That's why we generate heat from renewable raw materials by using wood chips made from local wood. In this way, only as muchCO2 is released as the tree has previously absorbed, and wood residues that would otherwise find no use are also efficiently recycled.

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