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Whether exotic fruits from South America, vegetables from Asia, flowers from Africa or organic apples from Austria - each product is characterized by its own requirements for storage and transport. This is exactly what we at eastwest specialize in, and as an independent logistics company we offer you an all-round service: We take care of all steps in handling your goods, starting with procurement, quality control, professional storage, packaging and sorting up to the precise delivery to the desired customer destination.

Our modules allow you to choose flexibly from our wide range of services and thus decide for yourself which services you would like to use.

With eastwest you have found a trustee for your goods to prevent complaints from the retail chains with the help of precise quality control and - if necessary - sorting out defective goods. This guarantees the highest freshness and quality of your products at all times!

Modules at a glance

Module 1

Procurement logistics

Module 2

Quality control

Module 3

Warehouse Logistics

Module 4


Module 5

Sorting / Award

Module 6


Module 7

Merchandise distribution

Procurement logistics

You need a reliable logistics partner who also collects your goods directly from the producer and transports them safely? Then eastwest is the right partner for you. We not only specialize in the storage, packaging and distribution of a wide variety of products, but are also happy to take care of the procurement of your goods and transport to our site. So when you book our Module 1, you can be sure that your goods will reach us safe and sound.

Quality control

After taking over your goods, our specialized team carries out an extensive and careful quality control in the course of our module 2. We check quantity, temperature, caliber and packaging and inspect the products with regard to discoloration and pests. Important steps are the cutting of the goods and the sensory inspection as well as the labeling control (EAN and GGN).

All results of our extensive controls are recorded in a detailed quality report. Of course, you can also have us check the condition of the goods on exit, so that you can always be sure of the quality of your goods.

Warehouse Logistics

Optimal storage adapted to the respective product is our specialty! We take care of the loading and unloading of the trucks with great care and, of course, carry out checks with regard to quantity, temperature, containers and quality. Your goods are in the best hands with eastwest, because we create the ideal storage conditions for your specific product based on our years of experience and expertise. We take into account the respective temperature requirements and ethylene sensitivity to ensure the quality of your goods.

Thanks to position-precise inventory management, you also have an overview of your stocks at all times and maximum flexibility, as we pick to the exact package. So with our Module 3, you get everything from a single source: loading and unloading, optimal storage and picking to the crate, whereby we can also offer finishing with intermediate pallets.


With eastwest you have found your flexible fresh food service provider, where you can count not only on service in the area of logistics, but also in the area of packaging! We have our own packing station and specialized personnel who carefully weigh and pack your loose goods. As part of our module 4, you can choose from a variety of packaging types. We offer the following variants in our packing station:
- Net 100 g - 5000 g (e.g. for citrus fruits, chestnuts, potato, onion).
- Cup with stretch foil (e.g. for apples, pears, soup vegetables, leek, onion)
- Automatic weighing of sensitive products in peel/skin (e.g. tomatoes, plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches, kiwi)
- All labeling options, e.g. by price, weight, barcode

Sorting / Award

You want to make sure that only products of the highest quality are delivered to your customers? We take care of that! When you book module 5, we take care of sorting your goods in the event of quality defects, ensuring that defective products are not passed on in the supply chain by offering the option of tearing open and "healthy packing". We also check the labeling of your goods and offer to re-label products if necessary.

Do you have additional special requests for sorting or labeling your goods? No problem, our team of experts will be happy to take on a wide variety of tasks according to your individual ideas. You supply the order, we supply the necessary know-how and infrastructure.


Of course, professional and responsible disposal also plays a role in the logistics sector. Here, we place the highest value on sustainable and mindful action. We try to save what biogenic waste we can and are in close contact with the social market and institutions such as the Red Cross. In this way, food that is still edible is passed on to people in need and arrives where it is needed.

Goods that can no longer be recycled despite everything are taken to a biogas plant, used to generate electricity and thus returned to the natural cycle. Other waste produced, such as films and other packaging materials, is recycled.

Merchandise distribution

In addition to professional storage, packaging, sorting and co, our range of services also includes the fast and reliable distribution of your goods. Our trucks and trailers are state of the art and equipped with 2 climate zones (double evaporator), which ensures freshness at all times. We also rely on selected and tested carriers who specialize in temperature-controlled refrigerated transport and ensure that your products arrive safely at customer destinations.

This is what makes eastwest's services stand out: We transport your goods in the right quantity and quality at the desired time to the specified location!

Always Fresh!
The Sierninghofen location offers short access routes to freeway connections in all directions:
  • Sattledt (direction Salzburg) 25 km
  • Traun (direction Passau) 20 km
  • Haag (direction Vienna) 22 km
This results in the shortest delivery times, even to the main major cities in Austria:
  • St. Pölten 115 km
  • Vienna 175 km
  • Graz 185 km
  • Klagenfurt 215 km
  • Salzburg 130 km
  • Kufstein 230 km
  • Innsbruck 305 km
  • Dornbirn 460 km

Welcome to eastwest, your independent fresh produce service provider!


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